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They decided that none of their existing characters were wicked enough to have killed Reg, so a 24th character, Nick Cotton was added to the line-up.

Leslie Grantham: EastEnders' Dirty Den dies aged 71

In south-eastern Germany, BBC signals have returned after more than a year, and the area of very poor reception appears to have moved west slightly. Brake suggested that Ferguson was responsible for bringing in a new sense of vitality and creating a programme that was more in touch with the real world than it had been over the previous year.

After a difficult year bookended by the Jimmy Savile scandal and the row over executive severance payoffs, Hall is also expected to call for the BBC focus on "what it does best", programming, and in particular news and current affairs, arts, learning and entertainment.

A cancer charity was also founded in her name. Everyone agreed that EastEnders would be tough, violent on occasion, funny and sharp—set in Margaret Thatcher 's Britain—and it would start with a bang namely the death of Reg Cox.

Losers are the eastern Mediterranean, north Africa and parts of Scandinavia. Previously, the dish would have been performing like a 1.

BBC places next-generation iPlayer at heart of digital strategy

It was bought by one of our readers, who asked for help after losing all BBC in February The number of episodes in season three is yet to be confirmed - the first run consisted of 10 instalments while the follow up featured eight. He introduced several characters to the show, including ethnic minority and homosexual characters to make the show 'feel more 21st Century'.

During her time at the soap Hutchison axed multiple characters, and reportedly ordered the rewriting of numerous scripts. As a result of the BBC's decision to use Adobe Flash Player to handle video playback for Android devices on this website, users must be using Android 2. Once downloaded, the content was only playable within the iPlayer itself or Windows Media Player 10 or 11, and subject to digital rights management.


It was an intensely dramatic script and most of the pages were fed to me at the microphone, so I had to get it right first time. Digital is unlike analogue: He axed the majority of the Di Marco family and helped introduce popular characters such as the Slater family.

Leslie Grantham: EastEnders' Dirty Den dies aged 71

His mother, Ethel Holland, was one of four sisters raised in Walthamstow. The rest remain for the moment as encoded channels, needing a Sky box and card to view.

BBC iPlayer

Oates is due to begin her role in October, and will continue to work with Yorke until the end of the year to "ensure a smooth handover". One satellite forum user reports an increase in signal in Scotland. They also point out that not all of the content delivered through the iPlayer will be subject to DRM — live streaming content, for instance, may not need the same level of control, presumably implying that players for OS X and Linux systems could be developed with a restricted range of content.

For many viewers in western Europe, the 5th March switch has meant signals are now stronger than before, notably the UK and near continent, but also in Spain and Portugal. Approximately photographs were taken and pieced together to create one big image.

Final preparations[ edit ] EastEnders original titles sequence, — Through the next few months, the set was growing rapidly at Elstree, and a composer and designer had been commissioned to create the title sequence.

EastEnders stabbing: Stars on knife crime storyline

The postcode for the area, E8was one of the working titles for the series.A report from the National Audit Office (NAO) showed that EastEnders had an annual budget of £ million.

Of that, £ million was spent on scripts and £ million went towards paying actors, extras and chaperones for child actors. []. News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. EastEnders is a British soap opera created by Julia Smith and Tony Holland which has been broadcast on BBC One since Set in Albert Square in the East End of London in the fictional Borough of Walford, the programme follows the stories of local residents and their families as they go about their daily simplisticcharmlinenrental.comlly there were two minute.

Off Air - Channel starts again tomorrow. Watch BBC Two programmes on BBC iPlayer. EastEnders has been praised after parents of young knife crime victims told their stories on a special episode of the BBC One soap.

They addressed the camera during Friday night's episode, which. BBC iPlayer is an internet streaming, catchup, (with the exception of World Business Report, Business Live, Victoria Derbyshire, Daily Politics, Politics Europe, Sunday Politics and Newsnight).

Some archive programming is available for the long term, such as simplisticcharmlinenrental.comper(s): BBC.

World business report iplayer eastenders
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